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Focus on Efficiency Production Sale

This year’s sale is taking a new twist. The sale will be conducted online at SmartAuctions.auction.  You can bid on your home computer, your smart phone or you can be with us sale day and bid with the aid of our clerking staff right in our sale barn.  The last option gives you the opportunity to see the sale cattle in person and adjust your bids as the auction goes on.  The sale opens on May 24 and closes at 2 PM on June 1.  See our sale catalog below for more details.

Lot 5 is a really attractive young fullblood cow with an especially good fullblood heifer calf at side by EZ Dynasty, our herdbull by All Jacked Up.

EZ Ranger 37E, lot 36, is a carcass trait leader by pedigree and a show bull by his handsome good looks. He traces to our fantastic Maggie cow family.

Lot 3 EZ Luscious 8806F is a fault free Aberdeen Plus heifer with Thomas Ranch registered Angus genetics on the bottom side.

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We have North Dakota Aberdeens, which were previously known as North Dakota Lowline Cattle or North Dakota Lowlines.