EZ Lexus 18L - click here to view or print a copy of his pedigree

Born: May 21, 2001      Reg #: FM2268

Lexus continues to produce some of our top selling females. They simply have the "look". They have repeatedly topped our sales, both at auction and private treaty, averaging over $6400 on nearly 20 fullblood Lexus daughters sold to date! That's why we call him the "Ladies Man". He makes some lovely ladies and now with our sexed embryo transplant quality semen we can produce even more of these exciting, clean fronted, strong topped Lexus daughters. His dam is one of our best and most consistent embryo producers as a great 13 year old donor cow. Look for these Lexus daughters to have the udder quality and longevity of his great dam. He is a TT for the Leptin Gene.

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