Aberdeen Donors in North Dakota

Over the years we have used embryo transplant extensively to improve and expand our herd.  We have embryos in the tank for sale, fullblood or percentage, black or red.  We can also produce embryos from one of our donors and the bull of your choice.  If it’s one of our bulls, we will provide the semen.   When you purchase embryos that are sired by one of our herd bulls, all AI certificates necessary to register the resulting calves are provided to the embryo buyer at no additional cost.

We select our donors carefully and think they are herd improvers.  Call us to discuss your embryo needs.

EZ All Dolled Up 02C

Born: March 6, 2015
REG # 27121

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All Dolled Up was the 2016 Reserve National Champion Fullblood Female and the high seller at the National Sale at $31,000. She is one of the most complete, full bodied, well balanced, mellow, easy fleshing fullblood females we've ever raised. We are thrilled to have her back home and in our ET program.

Lazy G Red Coral 4Y11

Born April 8, 2011 

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She is an attractive, well balanced, productive red fullblood donor whose calves are consistently superior regardless of the bull she is mated to.

Bonanza’s Beauty 1Y

Born January 29, 2011

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Beauty is extremely attractive and very well bred. She is one of the biggest, longest bodied cows in the breed, with a mature weight of 1125#.

EZ Crimson Marnie 64U

Born August 12, 2008

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EZ Crimson Marnie 64U is stylish and feminine yet beefy and full bodied with a big, stout level hip.  She carries the red gene and is one of Bluey’s most attractive fullblood daughters. She is the dam of EZ Redwood 13B bull who was at her side when they were Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair at the American Royal. Co-owned with Hutch’s Cattle Co.

Brambletye Perfection W334

Born June 20, 2001 

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W334, a direct Australian import, is one of the only Panmure daughters still alive in the US.  She is moderate framed but stout made and long bodied, very well-muscled muscled and structurally sound and correct.  She also has tremendous longevity, still producing at 15 years of age. She is the dam of Bill Kaufmann’s EZ Perfection 2P cow that has produced so many winners for him.  W334 is a sister to the dam of EZ Fancy Pants 12R who has done such a great job for Muddy Creek. 

EZ Lacey 55T

Born May 21, 2007 

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Lacey is one of the most attractive show heifers we’ve every raised.  She was the Grand Champion Female at the Houston Stock Show and is a Lisbon daughter to EZ Lady Luck 51N, the National Reserve Champion Female.  Lacey’s  calves not only consistently excel phenotypically but also have some of the best carcass genetics in the breed.

EZ Lady Luck 51N

Born May 20, 2003 

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Lady Luck was a firecracker of a heifer calf from the word go and has continued after her tremendous show career to produce some of our most attractive cattle.  She has had several daughters in Rob and Heather Fanning’s show string that have sold well in the National Sale.  She is the dam of our herd bull EZ Titan 7T,  EZ Templeton 4T, herd bull for Gordon Lenhard and our donor EZ Lacey 55T.

SC Madison 102H 134R

Born April 22, 2005 

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This outcross red gene carrier Bar J Ponderosa daughter of Bess 102H is a spectacular female that brings outstanding new genetics to the red division of the Aberdeen breed in America.  She also has a fantastic body structure and growth rate.